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Balancing Goals - The Value of Optimizing Efficiency through Dynamic Deployment

Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020 | 1 p.m. Central

Emergency Medical Services have always been a struggle among the competing interests of patients, employees, and budgets; but this isn’t a zero-sum game. Strengthening any leg of this ‘triple aim’ can facilitate growth in each of the others. This year has seen some extraordinary efforts by healthcare providers to improve the outcomes of patients even as their agencies have absorbed huge financial blows. The danger, however, in this symbiotic relationship is that if any one of these goals gets too far out of balance, the others will also suffer.

The United States has always had an identity disorder when it comes to financing EMS. Is it public safety, public health, or can it be for-profit? The needs, size, and expectations of the community often dictate the model they will employ. While there is no ideal strategy that fits every jurisdiction, there is a common thread requiring efficiency in operations between them all. For many of the more than 23,000 EMS systems in the US this year, a dynamic allocation of response resources will make the difference in their unusually tight budget.

This webinar will explore the potential benefits of employing a dynamic deployment strategy and explain how they can be realized.

About the Presenters

Jonathan Washko, MBA, FACPE, NRP, AEMD, is the assistant vice president of prehospital innovation for Northwell Health’s Center for EMS and leads numerous innovation efforts to improve patient care, employee well-being, long-term financial sustainability and the safety of EMS systems. He volunteers as a board member with many national EMS industry associations, has federal advisory appointments and works to improve outcomes through research and quality measure development.

Tony Bradshaw spent almost twenty years working in the nuclear energy industry before switching to software development and GIS. He moved onto the Savannah River Site where he spent the next eleven years developing applications for the management of special nuclear materials. Along with his wife Elizabeth, he started Bradshaw Consulting Services, Inc. in 1998 to provide GIS sales, service and application development. He has created a number of commercial GIS applications including GeoNotify, Shotspotter and MARVLIS. Mr. Bradshaw also recently joined the NEMTAC Technical Advisory Board.

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